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Earn College Credit for Your Science Research

Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity to earn 4 college credits from Portland State University for meeting specific benchmarks with their research projects. The instructor of this HS Natural Science Inquiry course is Kate Norton.  Look at the accompanying documents for more information.

Regional fair changes: HDSE, SORSE and ASE

Welcome High Desert Science Expo
We welcome a new fair to the Northwest Science Expo System this year: the High Desert Science Expo to be held in Bend, Oregon on Saturday, March 5, 2011. The new fair will serve high school students from the entire eastern half of the state, concentrating in Deschutes and surrounding counties. The new fair director for HDSE is Tom Stueve.

Tom holds a MS in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from OHSU. Currently teaching at Trinity Lutheran High School, he has been teaching science for 15 years, 11 of those years spent in Portland area high schools. Tom created the Senior Level Course Research in Medicine for the biotechnology magnet program at Jefferson High School. He also teaches laboratory methods using PCR, DNA electrophorisis, and protein purification.

PPSSE Hosts Mentor Meeting - Oct. 13, 4-6pm

A message from PPSSE Fair Director Nancy Lapotin:

It is time to gear up for PPSSE, which will be at Benson High School on March 10, 2011.

We will be holding a meeting for all mentors and prospective adult sponsors on October 13, 2010 from 4-6 at Rice. We are working on getting a cadre of mentors to work with students to help lighten the load for PPS Science teachers and to make PPSSE equitably accessible to all PPS students. You are all cordially invited and we would love your help with this.

If you know any parents or community members who would like to help mentor a student or two with a science project and the paperwork required for the fair, please pass this along to them.

This is an excellent opportunity for TAG extension for your students.

We welcome any PPS HS student who is interested in doing a Science Research Project to be involved.

Please feel free to pass my email address on to anyone you think might be interested in this. We plan on having an all district meeting for students interested in doing projects soon after the mentor meeting.

There is a flyer attached!!!!!!! Please help me spread the word.

Intel Celebrates Team Oregon With Special Event

A message from NWSES Executive Director Linda Mantel:

Team Oregon Members with Representative David WuDate: August 17, 2010
Time: 12 noon
Place: Gerding Theater at the Armory
Who was there?
   Team Oregon students!! Spencer, Kevin, Marcus, Alex, Priyam, Laurie, Akash, Avilash, Matt, Kalia, Nathaniel, Ann, Annelise, Amy, Jing, Andrei, Hari, Matthew...
   Our hosts, Intel! Morgan Anderson, Bill McCarthy
   Keynote speaker, Congressman David Wu!
   Parents and Teachers!
   City and state politicos, educational leaders!
   NWSES Fair Directors and supporters!
And what was this about?

The People Agree... Oregon Rocks!

Matt and AkashVoting is closed and the People's Choice award winner at Intel ISEF is our own Team Oregon project "The Classification and Recognition of Emotions in Prerecorded Speech" by Akash Krishnan and Matthew Fernandez of Oregon Episcopal High School.

Read more about it at Intel's Inspired By Education blog.

Also read what the People's Choice winners had to say about being chosen.

Congratulations Matt and Akash!

2011 Intel Northwest Science Expo will be April 1, 2011.

We also have 2 important changes for middle school. The per school project limit is now 18 instead of 20. Also Chemistry and Earth has been split into two categories.


Intel NWSE 2010 Award Winners

Congratulations to the best of fair winners in middle and high school:

  • Peter Graham, 13, in grade 7 from Summa Academy South won Best of Fair in the middle school division with a project titled, "Plasmon Absorption Of Silver Nanoparticles".
  • Meghana Rao, 14, in grade 8 from Summa Academy South won Best of Fair in the middle school division with a project titled, "Working Towards Microalgal Biofuel: A Study on the Effect of Methods of Lysis of Scenedesmus Dimorphus on Lipid Yield Extacted".
  • Avilash Cramer, 16, in grade 12 from West Linn High School won Best of Fair in the high school division with a project titled, "Design, Fabrication, and Evaluation of a Deployable In Situ Nitrate Sensor for Real-Time Analysis of Sediments".
  • Ann Bernert, 17, in grade 11 from West Linn High School won Best of Fair in the high school division with a project titled, "Optimizing Phragmidium violaceum in vitro inoculations for advancing Rubus armeniacus biological control research (Year III)".

Congratulations, as well, to the Intel ISEF finalists:

Thank you Everyone for a Great Science Expo

We will post results in the next couple of days.

Schedules for Intel NWSE

It's almost fair day! Here are the schedules for middle and high school. Middle school events take place in the Peter Stott Center (930 SW Hall, Portland, Oregon 97201) main gym, high school events take place on the third floor of the Smith Memorial Student Union (1825 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon 97201).

During exhibit set-up the forms for a project must be present for the project to pass display and safety. Forms are either the MS Super EZ and the project procedures OR the Intel ISEF forms which must include Forms 1, 1A, 1B and Research Plan. Other forms are needed for certain types of projects. It is the responsibility of the adult sponsors to make sure parents have copies of all necessary forms if the parents will be setting up the display.

To see what a display and safety check involves see our training video. Here is a direct link to the Display regulations for NWSES fairs

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