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Thank you Costco, New Seasons and Fred Meyer

Thank you to the Aloha Costco, Hillsboro New Seasons and Fred Meyer at Imbrie for your donations supporting the judge breakfast at Intel NWSE.

Judge Registration has opened for NWSES

Judge registration has opened for all NWSES fairs. If you have any trouble with registration please contact Stephanie Jones for help. Some people have not received the link needed when creating a new account.

COCC Regional Science Expo adds middle school students

Central Oregon Community College in conjunction with the Central Oregon STEM Hub will be adding middle school projects to the COCC Regional Science Expo. You will be able to take more than the 10 projects allowed to advance to the state fair. Online registration is the same as used for Intel NWSE. The date of the fair is March 5th. If you are interested in bringing students to the fair, please update your adult sponsor information with the new fair. Please include your estimate of projects. 

Oregon JSHS

Oregon Junior Science & Humanities Symposium is sponsored by the US Army, Navy, and Air Force and is open to all High School Students from the state of Oregon who are US Citizens. The first round of the competition will be by blind judging of student research papers. Twelve student semifinalists will be invited to compete in the Oregon JSHS at the University of Oregon in January. From those twelve, five finalist will be chosen to go on to the National Competition in April. To learn more about the competition, visit

November 13, 2015:Online Registration Deadline

November 20, 2015:Research Paper Deadline

Student Scholarship awards – A total $4500, awarded to the Oregon JSHS finalists:

1st place - $2,000

2nd place - $1,500

3rd place - $1,000

Teacher award - $500 award to honor the teacher for contributions to student research pursuits.

Intel NWSE Middle School Date and Location

The middle school Intel NWSE will be Saturday April 23, 2016 at Liberty High School in Hillsboro. There will be a set-up time Friday evening.

Changes to Middle School display regulations

Middle School Display Regulations 
The poster is the first thing the judges see when they review your project. It is important to do your best and organize your information in a clear way. All exhibits need to have their MS Super EZ form and project procedures, either posted or in a lab notebook. The lab notebook can also hold additional graphs and data tables.

Size Requirement: 
15 inches (38 centimeters) deep This is half the depth of a table.
36 inches (91 centimeters) wide 
74 inches (188 centimeters) high from top of table

Please note: a standard 4ft display board will fit nicely in this space. Also the goal of the science expo is to talk about what you have done, not recreate it.

New for 2016 Middle School displays can only have paper items, items that do not fit on the poster may be placed in a binder to sit in front of the poster. The only exception is for computer science projects, where a laptop is allowed to display code.

Mailing address and office location

The Intel STEM Center renovations are taking longer than the summer. I am able to collect mail from the Health and Science School office, but please send me an email to let me know if you have mailed something. I will be working from home until the renovation is finished.

Stephanie Jones

Adult Sponsor and Project registration Open

Online Registration is open, there are still a few fair dates to be determined.

2016 Intel ISEF forms

I am working on updating the site for the 2016 fair season, the new Intel ISEF forms can currently be found in the Document library. Project registration will be open by the end of the week.

2015 Team OR winners at Intel ISEF

Team OR winners at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair May 2015

Special awards

Innovation Exploration Award

From the first rocket research in 1936, to the first US satellite in 1958, to the many missions to learn about Venus, Neptune, Jupiter and most recently the Mars Curiosity Lander in 2012, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), is a place where science, technology and engineering intermix. JPL produces iconic robotic space explorers sent to every corner of the solar system, helping us discover how the universe, the solar system, and life formed and evolved. JPL was established in 1944 by Caltech, one of the world's premier scientific and technical universities whose mission is to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education.

Innovation Exploration Award, California Institute of Technology

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