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Any student in grades 5-8 who is attending a school in Oregon or Vancouver, Washington is invited to present their projects at the NWSE. Home school students are welcome. High School students must qualify for NWSE through a regional fair.

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Regional Fair Boundaries

Students may present science or engineering projects in the areas of the natural sciences, the social sciences, mathematics, or computer science. Each project will be entered into a category. While the student must conduct the work, the student may enlist the advice of a mentor. NWSES fairs are for EXPERIMENTAL research ONLY . Students need to pose a research question and gather the data to answer it. This may include research that is descriptive and pattern seeking if the student collects the data. Or it may include asking an original question that is answered using statistics gathered by other than the student. Modeling projects are allowed if the model is used to answer an experimental research question, the structure of the model is explained and the model is tested.

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A maximum of 3 students may work on a project. If a larger group worked on a project for another competion, a subset of that group may present only the components they worked on.

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Yes! Home school students are welcome at regional and state fairs. They follow the same rules as all other participants.

NWSE is a Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair affiliated scientific research competition for Oregon students. At NWSE students present a science research project they have completed within the last year in poster form. Students are also interviewed by judges.

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The NWSES or Northwest Science Expo System includes Regeneron ISEF-affiliated fairs in Oregon that cooperate to maximize student opportunities for student research presentations and participation in the Regeneron ISEF. NWSE is the state level fair. The other fairs in the system are referred to as regional fairs.

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Regional fairs are the qualifying events for the high school state fair. Some regional fairs serve several counties and some serve only one school. Some regional fairs include high school and middle school; some only high school. Registration for regional fairs occurs in the online registration system at First determine which Regional Fair to attend. All HS students are required to qualify for NWSE through a Regional Fair.

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Regional Fair List

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The Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) is a week-long research competition and exhibition for high school age students from all over the world. Over 1200 students, representing 70 countries, compete in the annual event that is held each spring. They compete for awards and prizes including scholarships, tuition grants, internships, scientific field trips and the grand prize: a trip to attend the Nobel Prize Ceremonies in Stockholm, Sweden. Students qualify to attend ISEF by winning an ISEF-affiliated fair in their local area.

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