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All project registrations are due by February 27, 2013 or earlier depending on your regional fair. No projects will be accepted for competition after February 27, 2013 . Online registration is required for all projects.

Copies of all paperwork need to be mailed to your fair so the signatures can be checked and the Scientific Review Committee can review the project for safety. The original signed forms need to remain with the student's project and must be brought to the fair during setup.

If you are not registered online, you can not attend Intel NWSE. In addition those directly entering Intel NWSE must have their paperwork postmarked by February 27th. We will not accept paperwork after that date unless the project is qualifying through a Regional Fair.

One packet from each school needs to be sent to your fair. The packet must include:

  • School Registration Form
  • Student Packets (AFOR Registration Form, ISEF Forms, AFOR Abstract Form)
  • Registration Fees if required.

*Middle School Students following the Super EZ Rules need only turn in the Super EZ form and project procedures.

For more:

Forms Wizard

Student Registration

If you are competing at a Regional Fair, your paperwork needs to be sent directly there. The address is on the School Registration Form when printed from AFOR. Regional Fair Director contact info can be found on the Regional Fairs List page.

Middle school registrations for Intel NWSE can be mailed to the address on the left of this page in the Contact Intel NWSE box.

Our system is not designed to register both age groups through the same login. A second adult sponsor or email address will be needed. If your organization has both age groups contact Stephanie Jones at for assistance.

First, log in with your old email address and password. Next, click on "edit contact information." Then click on the "change my email address" link. Enter your new email twice and click "update email." You will then receive an email from the system at your new email address. It will include a link you must click on to activate your new address. If you don't receive the email within an hour, check your spam folder or contact us for help.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7 or higher to print the ISEF forms from the registration site.
Pop-Up blockers need to be disabled in order to print.
Many online service providers (AOL, MSN, etc) and search engine toolbars such as Google and Yahoo, have automatic pop-up blockers. You will need to turn them off or add the registration site to your trusted sites. For the Google toolbar go to the registration site and click the icon showing the number of blocked sites.
We recommend reading the pdf version carefully before printing in case any information did not get transferred. Please let us know if you see this problem.

Mac Issues

You need Acrobat Reader 7 or higher and your browser and network must allow downloads to happen. The process will actually create files on your desktop. If you are having a problem, delete the Reader and reinstall it accepting the defaults.
These files may not appear correctly when viewed by Preview under MacOS X. To open the files with Acrobat Reader, find the file in your Download folder (default is desktop), and hold down the control key when you click on it. Select Open With... and select Acrobat Reader.

IMPORTANT: The receiving of forms is what determines the fee. All projects must be online. Do not send a check first.

2020 Fee Schedule:
Projects emailed or postmarked by February 13 are $5.
Projects emailed or postmarked between February 14 and February 27 are $10.
Projects emailed or postmarked between February 28 and March 5 are $15.
Projects emailed or postmarked on or after March 6 are $20 per project.
The final deadline is March 12th. No projects will be accepted after that date. 

For a project to count as registered the correct forms for the project must be received. Required forms are either a signed MS Super EZ form and project procedures OR appropriate ISEF forms and procedures. Those emailing forms can wait until all projects have been sent before mailing a single check. Please inform Stephanie if an invoice is required.

Email with the forms clumped together by exhibit number. If your copy machine can scan and combine into one file that is fine as long as a project's EZ form and procedures are on consecutive pages. If you have to send separate files for forms and procedures make sure the procedures are labeled with the exhibit number. Also please make sure scans are right side up. 

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