Help for Parents and Teachers

Every project must have an Adult Sponsor. The Adult Sponsor can be a parent, teacher, or mentor. The Adult Sponsor is responsible for helping complete required forms, registering the project online, mailing the paperwork to the appropriate fair, and distributing fair communications to the student (i.e. someone who checks email frequently).

The first job of the Adult Sponsor is to register him or herself, enter the student's organization and select one of the Northwest Science Expo System fairs. The Gresham Barlow Science Expo is the fair for high school students not in an area listed as belonging to another fair. Check the Regional Fair Boundaries Map to determine which regional fair you should register for.

After the Adult Sponsor adds a project, the system automatically assigns it an Exhibit Number. The student can then use the Exhibit Number and password to complete the required forms for the project.

Form Warning: High school students are required to use the Intel ISEF rules. Most forms need to be signed before experimentation has started. The Forms Wizard will help you determine what additional forms are needed.

Middle School Super EZ process: Students in 5- 8 th grade should be encouraged to design projects that meet the Middle School Super EZ rules. Those that don't must use the Intel ISEF forms and gain SRC approval before experimentation.

Copies of all required forms must be mailed to the first fair you are attending by that fair's deadline. The mailing address is found on both the School/Organization Registration Form the Adult Sponsor prints out and on the Form Printing page within the Affiliated Fairs Online Registration System. If in doubt, ask for help. Find contact info for each regional fair director on that individual regional fair's page.

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