Multi-year Projects

Students will be judged only on the most recent year’s research (example: Jan. 2019 - March 2020). Display boards must reflect the current year’s work only, except that the project title displayed in the Finalist's booth may mention years or which year the project is (for example: "Year Two of an Ongoing Study"). Supporting data books (not research papers) from previous related research may be exhibited on the table properly labeled as such.

Any continuing project must document new and different research (e.g. testing a new variable or new line of investigation, etc.) Repetition of previous experimentation or increasing sample size are examples of unacceptable continuations. For competition in ISEF, documentation must include the Continuation Project Form (7), the prior year's abstract and Research Plan. For projects continued for 3 or more years, abstracts for those earlier years are required.  Each page of prior work must be clearly labeled in the upper right hand corner with the years (ex: 2017-2018).

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