How do the engineering goals and the development process apply to the FIRST LEGO League Robotics challenge missions?

Figuring out how your project follows the engineering goals is as easy as answering a few questions. You may not need to answer all of the questions, and you may find other questions that need to be answered, but these are a guideline.

  • What is the need?
    • What does your robot need to accomplish?
    • What are the limitations (size, weight, power, building materials)?
  • What are your design criteria? How should your robot accomplish these things?
    • How is it accomplished by programming?
    • How is it accomplished by building a particular part of your robot?
    • How did this particular mission solution fit into your overall design for the robot?
  • What has already been done? Did you do any literature searching?
    • Did you base your robot on examples found elsewhere?
    • What examples are these?
    • How did you improve on them?
  • Did you test, evaluate, and redesign your robot?
    • When you made your robot, what early designs did you try?
    • What worked and didn’t work?
    • Why did you change the design?
    • How did you change the design?
    • Did the design changes work?
    • How did all your design changes interact to make your final robot?


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