Judge and Volunteer Registration is Open

Howdy Fair Directors,

Judge registration and Volunteer registration are now open at affiliatedfairs.org. Make sure all your schedules and job assignments are correct in the system.

Also, we're still trying to make clear the distinction betwen online registration and the forum login. To that end we've added an all caps link to the online registration system highlighted by a little frog icon. It appears at the top of the right column on every page on the site. So you can point lost souls toward the little frog if they're confused.

I've also added a link to affiliatedfairs.org to the warning message that appears when you try to login at nwse.org with an unknown username and/or password. And, I've added a bold warning on the nwse.org new user request page.

If you guys have any other ideas for directing people correctly through the site let me know.



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