2020 Judge Directions

Dear NWSE Judges, 

Here is the judging plan. You are asked to do a couple things in preparation for our first virtual fair.

  1. The middle and high school fairs have been split. This means you can do this twice, or change your registration to reflect which you are available to do. Judges registered before March 16 are signed up for the high school fair.
  2. Parents of students are not allowed to judge anything at the same division as their child. Please delete or change your registration as needed.
  3. High school judging timeline. Virtual entries are available April 4-7 for you to review and score. Your head judge will arrange a meeting for your category group April 7 or 8. This will be a virtual meeting at a time all 4-7 in the group can make. Prior to the meeting you will need to email your ranking to your head judge. We estimated 20 minutes of time per project and you will need to review all projects in your category. See Nuts and Bolts below for more information.
  4. Category award decisions are due April 8th by 1pm.
  5. Middle school judges will have May 2-7 to review and make decisions with Best of Fair on May 8. The rest of the details will be decided as we see how the high school fair works.

Special Awards

  1. As each special award is unique, only those provided by a local group will be awarded at High School. This is at the discretion of the special awards sponsor. Stephanie will assist in providing lists for those groups who accept the challenge of this format. 
  2. Results will be due April 9, 2pm.
  3. Middle school will be similar.

Very Special Awards

I need 3 groups of 5 (multi-disciplinary) to judge ISEF projects for the regional fairs that were cancelled. Two of these groups can meet April 4-7 while the third will have to wait for category rankings. The third group will have 24 hours to decide winners. Let Stephanie know if you are interested.

Finalist and Best of Fair Judging- High School

  1. Interviews will only be offered to students nominated for ISEF or Best of Fair. These will be done using Zoom.
  2. These will happen between 9am-Noon April 10 followed by discussion with just the judges.
  3. Only 20 judges are needed for this and we would like people who are comfortable with the format. Let your head judge know if this is a skill you have.

Nuts and Bolts of judging

  1. You will be scoring and ranking each project in your category. Each student will provide a digital image of their poster, and either a 10-minute video or a 2,000-word project essay. Presentations will be available for viewing through Online Registration (AFOR) beginning April 4, via Judge Menu-Select NWSE-View Abstracts-Full Listing. Either the project essay will be found in the abstract window, with a link to view the poster through the web; or a video presentation, along with the poster, will be accessed through the link provided at the bottom. Students may also provide an optional document through the link at the bottom of the project summary that will contain additional graphs, photos, etc. in lieu of their notebook.
  2. Your category group will receive an email from Stephanie with your category judge worksheet, criteria and a link to a Google spreadsheet which will be used to provide feedback to students.

Your head judge will be in charge of arranging the format and time of your virtual deliberation.


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