FAQ's from students and judges

I have started receiving questions from students, teachers and judges. I will post questions and answers here.

Student questions: High School students must have online application finished by April 3.

0. Can I change my category or title?

NOT ANYMORE. Judges have received their lists with your current title and exhibit number.

1. Where do I submit my written report?

The written report will use the Abstract field. It replaces your abstract. If you are making a video instead, you can leave a normal 250 word abstract in that place. Yes, you can edit that abstract. 

2. How do I know my link works?

The best way to test a link is to email it to a friend or family member outside of your email network. If they can't open it, you need to change your permissions to allow anyone with the link to open it. I will also have a team working to check links and you/teacher will receive an email if your link doesn't work.

3. I don't have a Google folder, what do I do?

The best thing is to complete the written report as it is put right in the abstract field, then for your 1 link, upload a very clear picture of your poster to Facebook (or similar site for photo sharing) and Copy the Image Address. Paste that address in your link box.

4. My poster was made using PowerPoint, can I upload that?

As not all judges will have PowerPoint on their personal computers, it is better to Print to PDF and post the PDF instead.

5. My poster is held in two digital files, can I upload both?

Yes, as long as you label them and use a Google folder. Be award the more items you add to the folder, the less likely a judge will have time to view it all.

6. On the provided templates it lists University, can I put my school name?

No, just like at the live fair, school name is not to be placed on the poster. 



1. Will I receive a link for judging?

All project reports will be available directly through Online Registration. 

2. I haven't done this before, what will I receive support wise?

All judge groups will receive the judging criteria and a scoring sheet. Print those to have while you read/view the student reports. After you score all the projects in your category, rank them using those scores. Every category group will have experienced judges to support the new judges.

3. Will all meetings use Zoom?

No, we are leaving the decision to each judge group to decide the format for their virtual meeting. This will range from a telephone conference with an emailed document to a fully functional online meeting. There are many virtual meeting services online free for small groups, also a member of your judge group may already have access to a program and can host the meeting.  Zoom is only required for finalist judges.

4. I am registered to judge a special award, how do I do that?

Special award judges who registered to help with the national awards will not be needed. Almost all of them are just certificates. If you have been judging one of these for several years and would like to try, let Stephanie know and I can try to support you.

Those local groups ASA, IEEE, etc are welcome to coordinate their groups for virtual judging. Live interviews with students are not possible, so each group will need to make the decision if they can make awards with the written/video format.

5. Is there an example project we can see?

We do not have an example. You can see what we are asking students to turn in here.

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