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FAQ's from students and judges

I have started receiving questions from students, teachers and judges. I will post questions and answers here.

Student questions: High School students must have online application finished by April 3.

0. Can I change my category or title?

NOT ANYMORE. Judges have received their lists with your current title and exhibit number.

1. Where do I submit my written report?

The written report will use the Abstract field. It replaces your abstract. If you are making a video instead, you can leave a normal 250 word abstract in that place. Yes, you can edit that abstract. 

2. How do I know my link works?

The best way to test a link is to email it to a friend or family member outside of your email network. If they can't open it, you need to change your permissions to allow anyone with the link to open it. I will also have a team working to check links and you/teacher will receive an email if your link doesn't work.

3. I don't have a Google folder, what do I do?

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