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March 4th is the last day to register online and mail forms

Today is the last day to add or delete a project online. You will still be able to edit project summaries and abstracts and correct spellings or change categories.

For Middle School Projects: Registration MUST be completed both online and on paper. Paper copies of the signed forms and procedures/research plan as well as a check for registration fees needs to be postmarked today March 4th.

PCC Science Expo deadline and delivery directions

The PCCSE deadline for receipt of copies of all ISEF forms and the research plan is this Thursday 2/19 at noon.  If you need to hand deliver the forms they can be brought to Portland State University Science Building 2 room U18. Street address is 1719 SW 10th Ave, Portland 97201.  The registration fee is $10 per project with checks made out to PCC. 
If you can't make it to the office today, you may fax paperwork to 503 725-8299.

Forms include: School registration form, AFOR exhibit form, Forms 1, 1A, 1B, research plan, and any numbered forms required when a project involves humans, animals, potentially hazardous biological agents, research institutions or continuations. Keep your originals! Send copies.

Regional and Intel NWSE deadlines

Each regional fair has its own deadline and fees; your project paperwork needs to be
received by the deadline.

  • Aardvark Science Expo: March 3
  • Beaverton Hillsboro Science Expo: February 6
  • Central Western Oregon Science Expo: February 4
  • CREST: February 25
  • Portland Community College Science Expo: mail by February 17
  • Portland Public Schools Science Expo: February 14
  • Southwestern Oregon Regional Science Expo: February 20

For questions about deadlines, please contact your regional fair director.

Intel Northwest Science Expo - these deadlines are for middle schools who are only
attending Intel NWSE

  • Projects confirmed online and postmarked by February 11th are $5.
  • Projects submitted and postmarked between February 12th and February 18th are $10.
  • Projects submitted and postmarked between February 19th and February 25th is $15.
  • After the 25th the registration fee is $20 per project.

The final deadline is March 4th. No projects will be accepted after that date.

Online Registration vs. Forum Login

With our new website, we have some new features. The forum login allows you to post comments or questions on this website as part of a public forum.  This is seperate from registering for one of the NWSES fairs.

Online registration for fairs is reached by hovering over the green Registration at the top of the page and selecting the appropriate type.  You will be taken to the AFOR registration page where your email address is your login. The direct link is

The Forum login is not an automated system, we personally approve each new account so please be patient.

The 2009 Intel NWSE

The 26th Annual Intel NWSE will be Friday, April 3, 2009, at Portland State University. Online registration is open for judges, adult sponsors and students. All high school projects need to follow the Intel ISEF rules and print the ISEF forms. Middle school students should follow the MS Super EZ Rules.

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