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2021 Northwest Science Expo

As we continue to follow Covid-19 restrictions, both NWSE high school and middle school fairs will be virtual

High school students are required to qualify for NWSE through a regional fair. Fair timeline:

April 1, 2021 Online application due

April 2-7, Judges review online applications, April 5th Judges may post questions for students by noon. 

April 8, The top 4-5 projects in a category are notified for Zoom interviews.

April 9, Zoom interviews for top category projects 9-10am, followed by Best of Fair interviews at 12:30pm.

Middle School students have the following timeline:

March 19, 2021 Last registration deadline, projects must be online and forms uploaded.

April 14, 2021 Online application due

April 15-21, Judges review online applications, April 19th Judges may post questions for students by noon.  

April 22, The top 5-6 projects in a category are notified for Zoom interviews.

April 23, Zoom interviews for top category projects 9-10am, followed by Best of Fair interviews at 12:30pm.

Northwest Science Expo Updates

For 2020 the Northwest Science Expo will be a virtual fair. As such the current timelines are as follow:

Qualified High School students have until April 3 to submit electronic applications.

High school judges will review & rank projects online April 4-6, and will meet with their judge groups through phone, email or Zoom at a time determined by each group on April 7.

April 8 students will be contacted who have been nominated for Best of Fair or ISEF.

April 10 Zoom morning interviews between finalist judges and students. 

Middle School will submit electronic applications by May 20 UPDATE

Online review by judges May 21-28. Best of Fair judging May 29. UPDATE

2020 NWSE Press Release

For immediate release

Oregon’s Virtual Science Fair

On April 10, 2020, close to 500 fifth through twelfth grade students from around the state were supposed to gather at Portland State University for the 37th Annual Northwest Science Expo. However, like many event organizers, we realized as schools were shut down in March that we needed to find a new way. A week of frantic emails resulted in adapting our online registration system to accept videos, posters, and much longer project summaries. We also decided to start with high school, and delay middle school to a later date. We didn’t know how much assistance students would receive from teachers, since school was not scheduled to start until days before our new deadline. In fact, on April 1st only 15 high school students had completed the new requirements. Our grand experiment seemed destined to fail.

A Whole Bunch of AP (Advanced Procrastinator) Students

2020 NWSE high school project list

As I did not print a program, here is the list of projects who were entered in the 2020 Northwest Science Expo for High School.

A comment about judging, comment sheets and the level of competition

Having this digital method of submitting projects means that students didn't get to see their competition. Due to intellectual property concerns, I will not be posting any of the applications. Category size ranged from 6-20 projects. In some categories there were up to 4 projects who had already been selected for ISEF from their regional fair. There were also many projects from GBSE and PPSSE who hadn't had any judging experience yet. As a result of this any participant who made the effort was advanced to NWSE. 168 projects were completed for competition. Each project was scored and ranked by 5-6 judges who were required to review all projects in their assigned category. After this ranking, virtual meetings were held where the judges discussed the combined ranking and decided who received the category awards. Each was led by a head judge with no connections to the participants being reviewed. All judges were also required to reveal any conflicts of interest. Decisions were made and forwarded to me. 

Thank You Judges!

Thank you to all the judges and especially the head judges for arranging virtual meetings for their teams. Students nominated for Best of Fair or ISEF are being emailed about next steps. All decisions should be in by 5pm today. 

Good luck to all!

All high school award winners will be posted on Friday. I may do a screen cast.

NWSE going virtual

With Gov. Brown banning gatherings for the next several weeks, the Northwest Science Expo will be going virtual. The process is still being determined and will have different time lines for middle and high school. Emails to participants will be going out today.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has donated. We have raised $20,000. Our full sponsor list is growing and thanks also to the many who choose to remain anonymous. 
Judge registration has also opened, once our last fair confirms their date I will send a registration reminder to all.

Donation Link for NWSE

We have a new Donate Now link. This allows credit card donations through our fiscal sponsor the PSU Foundation.

End of an Era

The Northwest Science Expo is looking for a new title sponsor for the first time since 1999, when Intel took over sponsorship. As time is short in order to guarantee the 2020 science expo, we are also working to raise $30,000 from our many supporters in the next three months. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable through law through our fiscal sponsor the PSU Foundation. Please share this with your networks and contact Stephanie Jones with any questions.

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