Team Projects

There are two types of Team Projects at NWSES.
Small Team Projects (2 or 3 members) at the NWSES compete within the same categories as individual projects. These are eligible for all the same categorey and ISEF or Broadcom nominations.

High School Teams larger than three members are not eligible for ISEF or NWSE.  Middle School team size is limited to 4 students maximum.

Small Team Projects Rules
A Small Team Project cannot be converted to an individual project or vice versa during a single year. A continuing project may add a new member or convert to an individual project, as long as one original team member remains.

Each team should appoint a team leader to be a contact person. However, each member of the team should be able to serve as spokesperson, be fully involved with the project, and be familiar with all aspects of the project. The final work should reflect the coordinated efforts of all team members and will be evaluated using the same rules and judging criteria as individual projects, except that teamwork is added as a criterion.

Each member must submit a 1B or MS Super EZ Form. However, team members must jointly complete the online registration form, the abstract and all other required forms. Full names of all team members must appear on the abstract and forms.

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