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Updated June 24, 2020 with 2021 forms

Individual ISEF forms can also be found on the Forms Wizard or the Project Registration site

The following PDFs can be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Help for 5th-8th grade teachers and parents for participating in NWSE

Help for 9th-12th grade teachers, parents and students

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Does your local SRC need guidance? These are the worksheets we use to check your paperwork.

School Registration Form - It is best to print this from AFOR.103.31 KB
Middle School SuperEZ form-print a blank here if you can't from registration112.97 KB
Form 1 best to print from online registration255.22 KB
Form 1A best to print from online registration219.62 KB
Form 1B best to print from online registration212.1 KB
Regulated Research Institution/Industrial Setting Form1C * 2 pages84.31 KB
Qualified Scientist Form 2232.48 KB
Risk Assessment Form 3199.96 KB
Human Participants Form 4240.91 KB
Human Consent Sample202.25 KB
Vertebrate Animal Form 5A221.34 KB
Vertebrate Animal Form 5B208.31 KB
Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents form 6A214.08 KB
Human and Vertebrate Animal Tissue form 6B if you need this form 6A is also required216.36 KB
Continuation/Research Progression Projects form 7205.61 KB
Research Plan/Summary Instructions-this page is not turned in, your written research plan is.202.76 KB
All ISEF forms in one file, most projects do not use all the forms.377.32 KB

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