Virtual Requirements

Virtual Requirements

For the 2021 Northwest Science Expo the fair will be fully virtual. Both high school and middle school students are being asked to create a Video presentation and digital poster/slide deck. The research plan and other project forms are also required to be uploaded. These items are shared using a Google folder. 

The Regional Fairs are also requiring ISEF forms and Research plans be uploaded instead of mailed. Regional fairs may be either virtual or in person fairs depending on the situation in Spring 2021. 

Virtual Fair Requirements, for high school, some regional fairs are choosing to limit video length or visual display. Please check with your advisor.

High School Virtual Requirements opens a Google doc.

Middle School Virtual requirements opens a Google doc. 

Other helpful links:

Slide Deck instructions: 

Poster Templates: Make a Copy to personalize.

Signature solutions

  • Digital signatures are allowed for all forms.
  • Photos or scans of signed forms are both accepted.
  • Be sure to Print to PDF to save a copy of your 1A or digitally signed form.
  • If you need a digital form for use by your local SRC or IRB please email Stephanie with the request.