Spellman HV Clean Tech Competition is looking for any 15-18 year old

The Spellman HV Clean Tech Competition is looking for any 15-18 year old with a solution to slow our resource drain, and as we are all virtual until our August Finals, we are still moving ahead!! If you are or know a student looking to address this international issue with innovative engineering and a revolutionary design, this is the Competition for you! In 2020, the Competition is challenging you to help us Reduce Individual Impacts, whether they be in areas with Abundant Resources, or Limited Resources. Contestants research a specific solution to this problem, register for free online in teams of 1-3, and then submit a 5-15 page paper to be judged by an international team of engineers, university instructors and industry professionals! Registration ends on May 8 and papers are due by May 13, so do not delay!

2020 NWSE Press Release

For immediate release

Oregon’s Virtual Science Fair

On April 10, 2020, close to 500 fifth through twelfth grade students from around the state were supposed to gather at Portland State University for the 37th Annual Northwest Science Expo. However, like many event organizers, we realized as schools were shut down in March that we needed to find a new way. A week of frantic emails resulted in adapting our online registration system to accept videos, posters, and much longer project summaries. We also decided to start with high school, and delay middle school to a later date. We didn’t know how much assistance students would receive from teachers, since school was not scheduled to start until days before our new deadline. In fact, on April 1st only 15 high school students had completed the new requirements. Our grand experiment seemed destined to fail.

A Whole Bunch of AP (Advanced Procrastinator) Students

Exciting Scholarship news from Lewis and Clark College

Lewis & Clark College will acknowledge outstanding performances at the Northwest Science Expo with scholarship offers to first place category winners at the high school level. The first place winners in each category at the fair will be offered at minimum a Faculty Scholarship, which is valued at $25,500 for the 2020-2021 academic year, and is renewable each year based on continued academic excellence.  In order to be awarded the scholarship, students must be accepted through our regular admissions process and enroll at the college immediately following high school graduation.  Students may qualify for a larger academic merit based scholarship upon admission to the college; if that is the case, the larger scholarship will replace the Faculty Scholarship.  


2020 NWSE high school project list

As I did not print a program, here is the list of projects who were entered in the 2020 Northwest Science Expo for High School.

A comment about judging, comment sheets and the level of competition

Having this digital method of submitting projects means that students didn't get to see their competition. Due to intellectual property concerns, I will not be posting any of the applications. Category size ranged from 6-20 projects. In some categories there were up to 4 projects who had already been selected for ISEF from their regional fair. There were also many projects from GBSE and PPSSE who hadn't had any judging experience yet. As a result of this any participant who made the effort was advanced to NWSE. 168 projects were completed for competition. Each project was scored and ranked by 5-6 judges who were required to review all projects in their assigned category. After this ranking, virtual meetings were held where the judges discussed the combined ranking and decided who received the category awards. Each was led by a head judge with no connections to the participants being reviewed. All judges were also required to reveal any conflicts of interest. Decisions were made and forwarded to me. 

2020 Northwest Science Expo High School awards

Congratulations to all the students who worked so hard on a project, and then had to adapt to a new way of presenting it. Here is our 2020 Northwest Science Expo Awards Powerpoint

Thank You Judges!

Thank you to all the judges and especially the head judges for arranging virtual meetings for their teams. Students nominated for Best of Fair or ISEF are being emailed about next steps. All decisions should be in by 5pm today. 

Good luck to all!

All high school award winners will be posted on Friday. I may do a screen cast.

High School submission deadline April 3 end of day

As I have had several students asking. You do have until midnight on April 3rd, however this means my team will not have a chance to check your links before judges see them.

Regeneron ISEF announces cancellation

The Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair announced today that it is having to cancel the event. We will still hold NWSE and select finalists even though all they will receive is dinner and a T-shirt. It is a very nice T-shirt and comes with bragging rights. We also have several monetary awards including $50 for each first place winning project, scholarships from the University of Oregon and Oregon State University and one of our high school Best of Fair winners will receive $1000. So we hope you will complete your online application by April 3rd.

For middle school we still need online judges, please follow the registration links.

FAQ's from students and judges

I have started receiving questions from students, teachers and judges. I will post questions and answers here.

Student questions: High School students must have online application finished by April 3.

0. Can I change my category or title?

NOT ANYMORE. Judges have received their lists with your current title and exhibit number.

1. Where do I submit my written report?

The written report will use the Abstract field. It replaces your abstract. If you are making a video instead, you can leave a normal 250 word abstract in that place. Yes, you can edit that abstract. 

2. How do I know my link works?

The best way to test a link is to email it to a friend or family member outside of your email network. If they can't open it, you need to change your permissions to allow anyone with the link to open it. I will also have a team working to check links and you/teacher will receive an email if your link doesn't work.

3. I don't have a Google folder, what do I do?

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