Northwest Science Expo System

2023 Team Oregon in Dallas Texas

Team OR 2023 Fun Facts

  • Team OR’s Alexander Plekhanov won 1st place in Physics, a trip to Stockholm for the Nobel Prize ceremonies and two other special awards.
  • Team OR won awards totaling $46,500, including nine grand awards and nine special awards.
  • Students from twelve different Oregon schools were selected. There were 30 students and 26 projects.
  • Twelve of our students were alumni of Regeneron ISEF.

Team Oregon 2022 Facts

  • For the first time since 2010, an Oregon student won the Regeneron Young Scientist Award.
  • 31 students from thirteen schools shared 26 projects as Team OR.
  • Team OR won awards totaling $73,500, including eight grand awards.
  • There were two sets of fraternal twins and a set of brothers with different projects on the team.
  • Four students competed through the virtual Regeneron ISEF.

Team Oregon 2021 Facts

  • In 2021, all Oregon regional and state fairs were virtual.
  • Regeneron ISEF was held as a virtual competition.
  • 30 students from fourteen schools shared 27 projects as Team OR.
  • Team OR won awards totaling $37,750, including 12 grand awards.

Team Oregon 2020 Facts

  • Due to Covid-19, the physical fair was cancelled, however students were invited to share their projects through a video.
  • For the first time, there was an equal number of boys and girls on Team OR.
  • Students from thirteen different Oregon schools were selected.
  • Two regional fairs as well as NWSE had virtual fairs online.

Team Oregon 2019 Fun Facts

  • Team Oregon included 33 students presenting 27 projects at ISEF. They were selected from the 1314 students who participated system-wide.
  • Team Oregon won 11 Grand Awards and 18 Special Awards. 
  • Sixteen out of 27, or 59% of Team OR projects received Special Awards or Grand Awards. 
  • Team OR brought home an accumulated prize total of $252,950.
  • Students from nine different Oregon schools were winners. 


The Northwest Science Exposition System (NWSES) is a consortium of student science, math, and engineering project competitions formed in the summer of 2003. NWSES is the source of Team Oregon, the students chosen to represent Oregon at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) each year. The system is comprised of 7 regional fairs and the state fair, the Northwest Science Expo. NWSES is affiliated with Regeneron ISEF, the world’s largest international pre-college science competition, which is a program of the Society for Science and the Public. 

Students compete in 15 categories encompassing all the scientific disciplines, engineering, computer science and mathematics. Participation comes from all parts of Oregon.

Our Mission

The mission of the NWSES is to develop scientific talent and promote science literacy in Oregon students by providing a structure and a venue for presenting high quality student research. The NWSES encourages students to learn science, engineering and math by engaging in the activities that characterize these endeavors.

Encouraging girls, economically disadvantaged youth, and underrepresented minorities in the careers of science, technology, engineering or math is important to NWSES. In 2023, of the 939 total high school and middle school students system wide reporting gender, there were 52% female, 45% male and 3% nonbinary.

We have consistent participation from schools with high percentages of students on free and reduced lunch programs. Goals of the NWSES are to increase access to Regeneron ISEF-affiliated fairs statewide and to provide support for teachers and students in their research activities, through both financial contributions and mentorship programs.

Sponsors are needed to support Team Oregon, the participants and alternates who qualify to attend the Regeneron ISEF each year. For each member of Team Oregon we provide travel and lodging, meal allowances, project display boards, and the “Go for the Au” t-shirts that all Team Oregon members receive.

Stephanie Jones
NWSE fair director
cell: 503.703.3590

NWSES mailing address:
PO Box 311
Banks OR 97106

2022 Team Oregon in Atlanta