2023 Requirements

All projects must be registered online by an Adult Sponsor.

All fairs will require the research plan and other project forms be uploaded using a Google folder. 

At this time NWSE and Regional fairs are still in the planning stage. As conditions and rules become clear decisions may change. At this time, NWSE is planning a hybrid fair. Divisions may be on different days.


  1. Official forms created by the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) or NWSES, showing that your work will be overseen by an appropriate adult sponsor and that it can be done safely.
  • All High School Projects require Forms 1, 1A, 1B and a written Research Plan. See the Forms Wizard for other Forms your project may require. Signatures must be dated before your project begins. High school projects must meet deadlines set by regional fairs.
  • Middle School Projects using the MSEZ Rules require the Super EZ Form and written Procedures. Middle School projects which do not fit the MSEZ rules need to use the High School forms.

2. Material that describes both the design of your project and your actual results, created when you’ve completed your project, and in a form that will be intelligible to a judge or another fair participant:

  • Abstract – A brief description of your completed project
  • Slide Deck (for virtual or hybrid fairs) or Poster (for in-person or hybrid fairs) – A fuller description of your project, organized by the outline described under “Guidelines  for Slide Decks ” in the below docs. Poster makers are highly encouraged to make sure they are also answering the Slide Deck questions.
  • 3-Minute Video  (for virtual) – Here’s how to show everyone  what was most exciting to you about your project!

Details on preparing all of this material are found in the links below.  Since nearly all of it will be submitted online (for both virtual and in-person fairs), you should start by creating the Google folder where you’ll collect everything you plan to submit.  

Good luck — and enjoy your investigations!

For 2023 we are making some updates to registration which will hopefully make things easier for judges and teachers. Once those are finished, the below docs will be updated.

2023 High School Virtual Requirements opens a Google doc. For virtual fairs, a slide deck and short video is required a week before the competition. Regional Fairs may have different requirements.

2023 Middle School Virtual requirements opens a Google doc. Regional and school fairs may have different requirements.

Signature solutions

  • Digital signatures are allowed for all forms.
  • Photos or scans of signed forms are both accepted.
  • Be sure to Print to PDF to save a copy of your 1A or digitally signed form.
  • If you need a digital form for use by your local SRC or IRB please email Stephanie with the request.