Aardvark Science Expo

This fair is for students of Oregon Episcopal School.

The Aardvark Science Expo (ASE) will take place on Friday, February 23, 2024. ASE is an ISEF-affiliated science fair that started in 2002 for the students at Oregon Episcopal School. Tenth to twelfth grade students compete in the physical and life sciences, engineering, computer science, and mathematics. The process of scientific inquiry presents an opportunity for students to learn by doing real science with purpose, develop scientific integrity and the ability to think like a scientist, collaborate, explore personal passions, and engage in intellectual pursuits. In addition, students learn how to present and defend their work at the fair, and have the opportunity to interact with professionals in their field. Through competition at the Aardvark Science Expo, students can earn multiple awards in each category and advance to the state, national, and international fairs. 

Location 2024


Need more information? Contact Fair Director Joshua Caditz at caditzj@oes.edu or visit our website.