Middle School Set-up Directions

Thursday March 31, 2011
5:00 - 9:00pm: Exhibit setup and Safety Check at Peter Stott Center. All Posters must be set-up during this time and all forms need to be present. Additional items that are safe to leave overnight should also be brought at that time like log books and other nonexpensive items. The student does NOT need to be present. Safety Checkers will assist in set-up and approve displays. After an exhibit is approved, it will receive a Safety Check approved sticker to place on the exhibit placard.

Save time and have students read the Display Regulations before set-up.

Forms include either the MSEZ and prodedures OR ISEF forms. On Friday morning the judges will review the projects before the students arrive. At 9:40am we will escort students to exhibits that are adding to their display any non-paper items. This is when laptops or expensive items should be brought in.

We have a limited selection of activities, they will be first come, first served on the sign-up sheets starting Thursday.

Friday the registration table will open at 9:00am. Name tags will be in alphabetical order on the windows. School groups of more than 17 students will have their school nametags at the registration table. I will be emailing teachers whose nametags are sorted this way.

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