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CWOSE is the regional ISEF affiliated fair for Middle and High School students interested in Science and Engineering in Yamhill, Marion, Linn, Benton, Tillamook, Polk, Lane, Lincoln, Douglas, Coos, Curry, Josephine, and Jackson Counties.  CWOSE’s first year was 2004. 

The 2018 Fair:

CWOSE 2018 --> 3 March, 2018,

CWOSE will be held in Gerlinger Hall and Annex on the main UO Campus in Eugene, Oregon. The following web address has links to campus maps:  http://www.uoregon.edu/maps

It will be assumed that the location of University of Oregon does not need to be described.  Parking Logistics and a detailed schedule will be provided to participants.

Dr. Karen Sprague (University of Oregon), Dr. Michael Rockow (Leslie MS) and Dr. David Hackleman (Oregon State University) are co-Directing CWOSE. 


This year, REGISTRATION is $5.00 per participant for CWOSE.  This is due to a significant contribution by the University of Oregon.  A fund is available to aid in payment of the Registration fee if it is a constraining factor in participation. 

Make registration fee checks to “3-Sigma Institute” 

Please forward the Registration fee and forms to:

Banks Oregon

Middle school Adult Sponsors may email forms to nwse@pdx.edu

PROJECTS FOR 2018: Projects may start any time after May 19, 2017 - the culmination of ISEF 2017.

Paperwork need be fully completed and submitted on or before 14 February, 2018 (Oregon Statehood and Valentines Day)

Required paperwork for High School includes the school registration form, abstract form, and all required ISEF forms.  Read the rules as some projects must have pre-approval by IRB's and/or SRC's, especially if involving human subjects and/or vertabrate animals.   To find out which forms each project will need you can use the Forms Wizard at http://affiliatedfairs.org/fair_apps/pubtools/formz_2.html

Required paperwork for Middle School projects following the EZ rules includes the school registration form, MS Super EZ form, and Procedures for the project. Middle school projects which do not meet the MS EZ rules, must follow the high school rules.

Contacts for CWOSE:                                                                               

Dr. David Hackleman – CWOSE Fair Director                                Dr. Michael Rockow - CWOSE Fair Director

School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering       Leslie Middle School

Oregon State University                                                              Salem, Oregon

David.Hackleman@oregonstate.edu                                          Rockow_Michael@salkeiz.k12.or.us

(Email of signed “pdf” files is acceptable)                                      (Many years of MS Student participation!)


Tel: (541) 737-8988   Fax: (541) 737-4600

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