Broadcom Coding with Commitment Launches at NWSE

New Recognition Honors a Student or Student Team that Combines STEM Knowledge with Computational Coding to Address a Community Problem

 Broadcom Foundation announces Broadcom Coding with Commitment, a special recognition for a middle school student or student team competing in the Northwest Science Expo. 

The Broadcom Coding with Commitment is open to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students or teams in any science fair category who combine STEM knowledge with computation or coding in the project’s research, design, or development to express a passion for helping or improving the community.

The foundation’s new recognition requires judges to consider a student’s access to STEM resources and computing tools so that the judges might equitably weigh projects by all students including those whose access to resources may be more limited.

“The Broadcom Coding with Commitment acknowledges important trends we see in science fair and coding spaces: young people are seeking to solve problems that impact them personally or in their community such as health, sanitation, energy, climate change and other challenges set out in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,” said Paula Golden, President of the Broadcom Foundation. “Young people are connecting science with technology to research as well as create solutions to these problems. Broadcom Coding with Commitment is intended to illuminate how coding is both a language and skillset they can apply in problem solving, and an invaluable tool for college and careers. Broadcom Coding with Commitment will also encourage young people to think globally when they act locally.”

The winning student or student team will be publicly recognized at the Northwest Science Expo Awards Ceremony with a $250 gift certificate and Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Official RP 400 Personal Computer Kit.    

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